Benefits Of Using HeRO Graft Compared To A Long-Term Catheter

The HeRO Graft is designed to last you a long time and is placed completely under your skin unlike a tunneled dialysis catheter. This is really good for you because:

  • There are no tubes coming through your skin that can pull out, feel uncomfortable, or look strange
  • There is a lower risk of bacterial infection*
  • You can take showers and swim without worrying about exposing your access to germs like bacteria

Also, compared to dialysis catheters, blood flow with the HeRO Graft during hemodialysis is faster, so dialysis is improved.*

*A full summary of the HeRO Graft clinical trial is available here

Anthony’s Story of Receiving HeRO Graft

AnthonyI feel much healthier, I’m not as tired, I have more energy, and it’s great that I can take a shower. I also can stop worrying about vascular access…

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